Body Energetics System

What Body Energetics is:

Body Energetics is a natural self-healing method. It is based on the application of life principles which enable radical bodily regeneration.

Regeneration occurs via a 'powerful process of self-realisation'. Consciousness change/expansion is paramount.

Body Energetics is a way of life, NOT a "treatment" nor a "therapy" for any medical or health condition.

Specifically, it comprises a highly health and habitual oriented diet and a unique style of holding points on the clients body. A condition of nutrient saturation is maintained for holding the body points.

Although little known in the Europe, Body Eenergetics has been developed since the 1960s by Prof. Dr. John Rey and others. It combines a powerful bodywork called holding bodypoints with a specific way of working with the emotion and memory that surfaces. John Rey found that sound nutritional principles need to be followed by the recipient in order for the work to be consistently and optimally effective.  

What Body Energetics does:

Body Energetics gradually dismantles the reactivity of the human mind with its associated thought patterns, behaviours and physical symptoms.

What emerges from beneath this pile of human 'baggage' is the perfection of who the person really is; a self-actualized human being, as described by Psychologist Abraham Maslow. This applies to all levels:

Physically, the body repairs itself to the perfection it once was prior to injury or illness. Every cell in the body gradually becomes properly oxygenated, allowing function to return. Mobility and ability improves markedly; physical problems become conspicuous for their absence. In cases of genetically inherited problems, these are progressively reduced and the person becomes able to live more freely than before.

Beyond this, regeneration might eventually be better than before injury or illness.

Emotionally, the person becomes more stable in temperament and experiences joy and happiness more in their life.

Mentally, unconscious (but active) beliefs are encompassed together with newly uncovered personal truths (each opposite) which determines free choice and a positive, peaceful outlook.

Spiritually, control over mind and body is gradually gained, so that the individual can fulfill their goals and responsibilities in life more easily. Deeper understanding of oneself and consideration for others also grows.

The above is theory. I have seen this in practice with many, many people including my own case, to a greater or lesser degree.

There are no guarantees whatsoever, for any healing at all. As stated above, Body Energetics is not a "treatment", but a gradual self-healing and self-realising process. Responsibility is in the hands of each participant. It is therefore only for those who can gradually accept that responsibility.

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